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Wyndham to Halls Creek Western Australia

After a brief refuelling and resupply stop at Kununurra we headed for Wyndham, 105km north west.

The Grotto

Looking for a place to camp overnight, we settled on The Grotto, 45km out of Wyndham, and set up the caravan on the edge of cliffs, overlooking the gorge.

The Grotto 45 k from Wyndham

We enjoyed a commanding view over the surrounding Kimberleys and our elevation provided a welcome breeze.

Best of all we had it to ourselves !!

The night sky was pitch black and studded with stars from corner to corner...the cloudy trail of the Milky Way weaving across it...a sight we rarely got to saviour in the City.

The next day we ambled down to view the Grotto.

Reached by 140 stone steps, The Grotto is a pool at the base of a 90 metre waterfall (that runs only in the wet season) and is a popular swimming hole for locals.

Unfortunately, at the time of our visit the water level and quality wasn't favourable for swimming but the Grotto was a pretty sight nevertheless.water monitor

Apparently it's a popular haunt for swimming lizards too, presumably water monitors, and we were lucky enough to find one rather docile specimen sunning itself on a rock in the pool.

Taken by the rugged beauty of the area...and the absence of other residents...we stayed on at the Grotto for two days...resting up before a quick look at Wyndham and our haul to the West.


Although I had visited Wyndham in 1984, and once described it as 'the asshole of Australia', Anita had not seen it and so we decided it was worth a look over.

Perhaps because this time there was no road work in progress...and more to the point...the four wheel drive and van weren't covered by wet tar... impression was different.

Perhaps, too, my perspective may have matured a little over the years !!

Wyndham is a relatively old Western Australian settlement, established a bit after the mid 1800's, and has developed two distinct identities - a township, Wyndham Three Mile, and several kilometres away, a port.

Wyndham Port is located on Cambridge Gulf and has retained some of its historic buildings, including the Port Post Office, Durack's Store, the old Court House and Anthon's Landing.

We saw a sign to 'Five Rivers Lookout', and decided to investigate.

At the foot of the road to the Lookout a sign indicated that caravans were not permitted... so we unhitched before proceeding to the top...wisely.

The road was quite steep and climbed for three or four kilometres...but the sweeping views from the top (the peak of the Bastion Range) was well worth the effort.

Although we didn't, from this vantage point it is possible to see the Forrest, Pentacost, King, Durack and Ord Rivers combine into one.

We did, however, get spectacular views of the mudflats around the northern base of the Bastion Range, Cambridge Gulf and the Kimberleys to the west of Wyndham.

Five Rivers

View from Five Rivers Lookout:

Wyndham Three Mile in foreground, mudflats of Cambridge Gulf and the distant Kimberleys Ranges

Cambridge Gulf and mudflats


Cambridge Gulf and mudflats at the northern base of the Bastion Range

Port of Wyndham


Port of Wyndham streetscape:

Boab trees lining curb and Kimberleys in distance

The Kimberleys



Picturesque Central Kimberley landscape

The Kimberleys


The rugged grandeur of the Kimberleys provides an imposing backdrop to this rest area enroute to Halls Creek