Australia All Over


Our Camper
Our Caravan

Kalgoorlie to Laverton then back to Leonora (round trip)

Took the dirt track to Laverton via Gindalbie, Edjudina and Mt Celia

lots of detecting, not much gold though, Rod did manage to find a small 2 gram nugget (grrr this means Rod 3 Anita nil) The second hand detector we bought to replace the first dodgy one was not much better than the first only worked intermittently and finally gave up all together, have just packed it up and will be sending it off to Minelab repairs in Adelaide where we will be heading in a couple of weeks, oh well there's always tibooburra (NSW).

Had some great days out in the bush, perfect weather, gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, stared at Mars and made a quick call to my mum and dad (the fossils) to let them know we are still on the planet, got a lecture about not falling down a mine shaft (all for $2.50 a minute on the satellite phone)



Rod found a tektite (that's a rock from out of space for all us non geological types)

Lake Carey


Rod living dangerously at Lake Carey


Crossing Lake Carey


Crossing Lake Carey, found some wonderfully strange looking water worn quartz



One of our camping spots along the way


Crossing Lake Carey gold detecting


Rod detecting in the area he found the 2 gram nugget



Gorgeous sunrise (taken from outside the van)



One of the many old mine shafts we almost fell in?



another mine shaft



some of the desert like terrain




Dawn from the caravan window .... er didn't see the need to get out of bed to take this as Rod was already out there taking one with his camera


old mines


One of the old mines, now a huge dam (those little black specs were 2 black swans happily sailing around in the deep blue water