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Cooktown - Far North Queensland

Whilst camped on the Palmer, we took a day out from metal detecting to make the hour and a half hour journey to the coast to visit Cooktown, which originally served as the port for the Palmer Goldfields.

Discovered in June 1770 when Lieutenant James Cook beached his ship, the Endeavour, to repair damage it had sustained whilst attempting to negotiate the myriad of unchartered atolls that constitute the Great Barrier Reef.

Located on the banks of the Endeavour River, Cooktown is a scenic seaside town with azure blue waters and excellent fishing from its jetty, coastline and the abundant reefs that are so easily accessed from it.

Although tourism is already a strong element of its local economy... with the sealing of the remaining 45 km of dirt road over the next twelve months or so, it's sure to be the subject of increased tourism and the focus of new commercial activity.

Endeavour River

View of the Endeavour River from Grassy Hill Lookout.

Cooktown coastline, viewed from Grassy Hill

Cooktown - Far North Queensland

James Cook Museum, Cooktown