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Coober Pedy

We spent 4 days at a caravan park in Coober Pedy and one night by a dry river bed, waiting for a shock absorber to arrive for the car, it was very hot (to be expected in the middle of Australia) and we were lucky enough to park our caravan underneath awnings that the caravan park had set up.

We had a try at noodling for opals and found a few small specimins.

Opal fields in Coober Pedy


The Opal fields in Coober Pedy. Beside each mound lies a deep deep hole, there are signs everywhere, don't walk backwards!


sandstone rock formations of the Breakaways


we were in awe of the beautiful sandstone rock formations of the Breakaways. Some contrasting colours were reds, whites, yellows and brown tones.

the Breakaways.