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Arnhem Land

Before leaving Kakadu we took a run from Jim Jim Billabong up to Jabiru, the town originally set up for the workforce of the adjacent Ranger Uranium Mine, to obtain a permit from the Northern Land Council to visit Injalak Arts and Crafts, located at Kunbarllanjnja in Arnhem Land.

We were advised to enter Arnhem Land early the following morning in order to ford the notorious Cahill's crossing on the East Alligator River at low tide.

Inspired by a host of photographs and press clippings on display at the Land Council's office graphically recording the predicament of the numerous trucks, four wheel drives, a road train and a mobile home that had all been swept off the causeway over recent years by fast moving currents, we stuck strictly to the advice provided.

Almost as soon as we crossed the East Alligator River, the change in scenery was dramatic...almost reminiscent of Jurassic Park. In fact, it made Kakadu appear rather bland by comparison.

The wetlands, billabongs and sandstone escarpments were particularly impressive ...their hues mellowed by the soft light of the early morning sky.

Injalak Arts and Craft Gallery is located about 18 km from the East Alligator River and abounds in a range of local arts and crafts, many unique to the area.

We spent and hour or so browsing the Gallery and felt like kids let loose in a candy store...there was so much to choose from...but being mindful of the several months travelling that lay ahead of us...and our limited budget...we showed unusual restraint in our the end, three small, but very special paintings.

Arnhem Land wetlands


Typical Arnhem Land wetlands (in dry season) ...viewed from an eroded portion of the sandstone escarpment.

Arnhem Land escarpment

Interesting sandstone formation on lower Arnhem Land escarpment

Arnhem Land Plateau


Part of the Arnhem Land Plateau: impressive sandstone escarpment at rear and floodplain in foreground.

Arnhem Land wetlands

Arnhem Land wetlands:

Lotus lilies bordering the fringes of a picturesque billabong



This 5 metre crocodile is the uncontested king of this billabong

Injalak indigenous Arts and Crafts Gallery

Injalak Arts and Crafts Gallery ...promoting quality local indigenous arts and crafts.
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